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Unprecedented access to some of the largest providers both locally and internationally. We are licensed brokers in 24 countries, giving you access to the largest database of plans, including dealer and wholesale rates not available to the public.

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We offer a complete suite of professional services, including bill auditing, and account management, which truly sets us apart from any of our retailer or corporate service provider partners. We work for you, and can simplify the complex pricing landscapes that exist today for your business.

True Partner

As licensed brokers, we are not exclusive to any provider, and therefore our primary and only interest is to serve your needs, further separating us from our competitors. Best of all like other industries, such as mortgage brokers, we don’t charge our clients for the referrals, the service providers pay us.


Conversely Consulting offers services that are unique to SMB clients to streamline and better manage your essential business overhead. Whereas traditionally large enterprises had dedicated account executives that performed a variety of account management services pro-actively, most small and medium sized businesses including franchises and chains, are left underserved, and many are on out dated plans that are not optimally serving their needs. The average small business in Canada, is spending thousands of dollars a year due to this.

Businesses not protected from rising cost of electricity?
Businesses overpaying on telecom in Canada today?
Small businesses overpaying on merchant processing?

We have helped clients audit

Merchant Transactions

Calling Minutes

KWh of Energy

Business Services Brokerage


We offer a full range of services including auditing to full service account management. We have access to over 100 service providers, retailers and wholesalers with rates not available to the public. Which ultimately means more options and better value for you and your bottom line.

Utility Bill Analysis


IT & Telecom Consulting


Business WIFI Solutions


Business Internet Strategy

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The statistics are staggering, thousands of dollars a year are overspent by the average business because they lack account management or auditing of their existing business overhead services. Conversely has a unique program specifically designed for small businesses that automate and streamline the most important regular checks and connect you with the largest database of existing rates from some of the largest providers globally. The process is simple, setup your account, update your profile, get recommendations up front and ongoing to optimize your expenses, seamlessly, instantly and easily!


We maintain a comprehensive analysis of market trends and statistics to help you understand where your opportunities are.


We have industry leading security procedures on all our services and platforms to protect your data, which means you have ultimate control on how and when it is used.


Receive relevant announcements and news, specific to your business services.


All our client management systems and reports are available to you on all sized screens and devices, which means you have access to them on the go.


Out of the box integration with over 70 providers and associated pricing models for fast correlation and analysis.


Options to set 30-60-90 day alerts to receive updates on market pricing aligned with industry announcements or with contract renewal dates.

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We pride ourselves on our thought leadership. We believe in creating value in the industry, by pushing the conversation forward, in all areas of the industries we cover from regulatory changes to new opportunities and strategies to take advantage of the latest market trends and best practices.

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