IT and Telecom Consulting

We provide strategy and process consulting for businesses looking to optimize their IT and connectivity challenges.

Telecom Infrastructure

One of the most essential and important services for any business are the connectivity requirements. Whether voice or data. For small businesses the lack of in house experience or knowledge can cost you literally thousands of dollars a year in additional costs.

Whether you are a new or existing business, there are always ongoing challenges and we have solutions. From starting with the service provider and technology selection, to design and installation, we provide a full turn key solution to our clients, to make sure you have the best solutions at the best TCO. Whether you are looking to setup your first website or overhaul your analog multi-location voice PBX systems to a SIP provider, we have the expertise and partners to


There are many IT security concerns as businesses become more interconnected.  One of the most common challenges comes from offices finding the right balance to connect to the Internet and still meet legal or financial privacy requirements. More and more businesses today are offering guest wifi to their customers and clients, which is opening up a whole new set of challenges to make sure you are keeping your corporate information, private. We work with a variety of partners, that are specialized in both small and enterprise security.

Network support

Whether you have 5 or 500 users in a location, having a strategy to outsource your IT support is key. We have partnerships with group rates to many of the top IT firms in Canada, and can help recommend the right solution for you. Whether it’s a remote subscription support program or on site installation and management, we can walk you through the decision making criteria, to make sure this portion of your operations is operating effectively.